Chicago native, Kendall Hurns is a multi-hyphenate culture converter who has his finger on the pulse of various arenas within entrepreneurship, fashion, sports and the art/design space.

Hurns embarked on his remarkable "journey of hustle" immediately after high school. While his plan was to pursue a degree in Business Management, Hurns seized a unique opportunity and entered the world of sports management after a close friend was drafted into the NBA. Leveraging his networking skills, strategic direction and insight - Kendall forged meaningful connections that propelled him and the four-time NBA champion, Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors, towards unprecedented success.

Driven by his own passions, Hurns ventured into the world of fashion, launching his own lifestyle apparel brand, Robotic Minds. With A-List celebrities such as Jay-Z, Lebron James, Wiz Khalifa, and Teyana Taylor among its supporters, Robotic Minds became a beacon of inspiration. Its guiding motto/mantra, “Program your own mind or society will” and Create, Destroy, Rebuild," embodies the brand's philosophy of self-empowerment and reinvention.

In a parallel venture, Kendall joined forces with acclaimed artist Hebru Brantley, broadening his scope within the visual arts industry. The culmination of their success gave rise to The Arte Haus, an innovative platform encompassing artist management, collaborative projects, and art consultancy. The roster of The Arte Haus showcases a diverse group of brilliant artists, including Hebru Brantley, Edo White, Mia Lee, and b. Robert Moore, among others.

Kendall's dedication to uplifting communities extends beyond his personal achievements. He generously shares his insights, go-getter mentality, and knowledge with aspiring individuals who yearn for opportunities and resources in these industries. From his early career in sports management working with top NBA players to founding Robotic Minds, and now establishing his presence as a curator and visual artist manager, Kendall has forged an exceptional path in fields that often lack diversity and representation.

Kendall Hurns, a true Renaissance individual, defies conventional limitations by showcasing expertise in multiple fields of interest. He embodies the essence of a cultural shifter, constantly pushing boundaries and embracing collaboration in the pursuit of progressive endeavors. 


"Regardless of how your journey starts, you control how it ends. Keep pushing through the noise; try, fail, and start over again. Program your mind, or society will." —KH